All Tiny Badger products are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe,  oven-safe, and food-safe.

CLEANING:   We always recommend hand-washing your Tiny Badger items whenever possible to ensure the longevity of your wares. However, it is perfectly safe to wash your Tiny Badger wares in the dishwasher if that is what you would prefer. Whether washing by hand or in the dishwasher, be sure to use a nonabrasive detergent (and a nonabrasive sponge when hand-washing) to protect surfaces from gradual wear. 

HEAT/COLD:   When warming a Tiny Badger item in the microwave or oven, use caution when removing and handling the item and its contents. All ceramic retains heat, and Tiny Badger wares are no exception. To avoid temperature shock, gradual heating and cooling is recommended. Do not introduce cold items directly into an oven or microwave, and do not transfer very hot items to a cold refrigerator or freezer. Tiny Badger wares should never be used in contact with an open flame or on a stovetop.